Featured Testimonials

"Stewart Fahmy is an excellent negotiator who gets results."


Boris Gruzman
CEO, PropertyMinder, Inc.

“Stewart Fahmy did an excellent job negotiating our lease obligations to our landlord, and our monthly obligation to other vendors.  By reducing our monthly obligations by thousands of dollars, Stewart’s efforts allowed us to weather these difficult economic times.  If you need an experienced negotiator, Stewart is the right choice.”


For decades, I have relied on Stewart Fahmy for professional advice.”

Jennifer Chen
President, JC Investment Consulting, Inc.


“As the president of JC Investment Consulting, Inc., I have a continual need for advice in business matters. Over the years, I have found myself needing representation and advice in employment law, landlord-tenant issues, real estate matters, and many others. Stewart Fahmy has years of business experience and is a tough litigator and negotiator. For decades, I have relied on him for professional advice.”


“Stewart Fahmy’s superb negotiation skills saved my partners and me over $1 million.”


Tom Makdissy
Founder, Terrasearch, Inc. and Investor

“As a long-time business owner, entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley, I have dealt with a lot of attorneys.  Stewart Fahmy is the attorney I turn to when I have a difficult problem that needs a creative solution.  A recent example was when my business partners and I faced a critical situation with an overburdening loan obligation.   Stewart was able to achieve results far beyond what I had expected.  He negotiated a reduction in our obligations of over $40,000 per month.  Over the life of the loan, we saved well over $1 million.”